Can I order pink/bright red cherries so they last longer?

An interesting fact about cherries is that they do not continue to ripen once they are picked from the tree, to make them last as long as possible please keep refrigerated as soon as you receive them.

Can I order sour cherries or white cherries?

Unfortunately, we do not stock these types of cherries.

Can I request a specific variety of cherries?

To make sure our cherries are as tasty as possible they are sent fresh, we cannot guarantee the variety of cherries sent out each day. This varies depending on the type being picked; we will not be able to cater for specific requests.

We cannot guarantee availability of certain varieties on exact dates.

How do you measure your cherries?

Our cherries are all measured using an optical grader, not a measuring tape or ruler.

How long will my cherries last?

As long as you keep them refrigerated your cherries should last for around a week.

How should I store my cherries?

We advise you to refrigerate your cherries as soon as you receive them, to keep them fresh for as long as possible.


What sizes are your cherries?

We provide as a minimum 28mm+ cherries in our extra large packs and 26mm+ cherries in our 5kg large pack size, the cherries sold in supermarkets are normally around 24mm.

Why are the cherries I received smaller than the ones I received in a previous order?

Sometimes, if you are very lucky, you may receive cherries which are larger than the minimum sizes stated above; this depends on availability of fruit and what stock has been allocated to us.

We unfortunately do not accept requests for larger cherries to be sent.

Why do the cherries I have received look/taste different to a previous order?

We pride ourselves on the wide variety of cherries we grow at Cherryhill, each with its own colour, taste and texture. If the cherries you have received are different to a previous order this is probably because they are different varieties.

However, if you are still unhappy with the quality of the fruit you have received please see our refund policy for details on what to do next.


Can I change or cancel my order once it has been despatched?

We do not offer refunds for order cancellations once the order is dispatched.

Changes to orders or delivery addresses can usually be accommodated if you call before the order has been processed and despatched (generally around 10am the day before your desired delivery date).

We cannot contact delivery drivers to make alternate delivery arrangements once orders have left Cherryhill.

Can I get my order delivered to a business or work address?

Yes, however, Australia Post will only deliver to the reception or mail room of business addresses, not the individual suite or floor of large buildings. Please ensure you provide full and correct address details, including company name and levels etc.  

Can I request a specific time for my cherries to be delivered?

As we use Australia Post for deliveries we are unable to request or specify an exact time for your cherries to be delivered.

Delivery will usually take place within business hours, however, during peak periods such as Christmas delivery may be made anytime between 7am-9pm.

Do I have to be home to accept delivery?

No, however, we recommend that you are available to accept delivery at your nominated address.

 If you or someone else is not available to accept delivery your parcel will be left at your front door, unless Australia Post deems it inappropriate to do so. In this case, you may be carded and you will need to pick up from your local LPO. 

Cherries are highly perishable, so it is important that you receive them as quickly as possible and put them into refrigeration.

Cherryhill is not responsible for misdelivered cherries where Australia Post has accepted receipt by someone at the nominated address. So you may need to inform someone of your impending special cherry delivery and ask them to store your cherries in a cool place. See our Refund Policy.

How is the postage Calculated?

Metropolitan Victoria

2kg = $16.50 per box

5kg = $18.00 per box


Regional Victoria

2kg = $18.00 per box

5kg= $23.50  per box


Interstate (NSW, ACT, QLD)

2kg = $18.00 per box

5kg = $25.00  per box 

How will my cherries be delivered?

Cherryhill uses the Australia Express Post guaranteed next day network to deliver orders to your nominated address.

This ensures that your fresh cherries are delivered in the fastest possible manner thereby minimising issues with quality on arrival.

I accidently gave the wrong delivery address; can I have a refund or replacement please?

Cherryhill will not accept responsibility for incorrect address information provided by the customer. We will not refund or replace cherries where incorrect information has been supplied and Cherryhill is not at fault.

What days does Cherryhill deliver?

We deliver Tuesday – Friday (All States).

We DO NOT deliver on Mondays, Saturdays or Sundays.


Will my cherries be refrigerated during transit?

No, Australia Post does not make deliveries in refrigerated trucks; however, as the cherries are only out of refrigeration for less than 24 hours this should not affect the quality of the fruit.

It is therefore important to make sure your fruit is refrigerated immediately after it has been received.

Will the delivery driver be able to leave my cherries in an Esky, or somewhere that isn't my front door?

Australia Post drivers are not obligated to follow any delivery instructions left on your shipping label or at your delivery destination. This includes but is not limited to: Placing parcels in eskies, calling phone numbers on arrival or leaving parcels in areas other than your front door.

Will the delivery driver ring me before they deliver my cherries?

This is at the discretion of the Australia Post delivery driver; they are not obligated to call regardless of whether delivery instructions on your parcel request them to do so.

Delivery Area

I live in WA, SA, TAS, or NT, can I still order cherries?

No, unfortunately, we do not ship to TasmaniaSouth Australia, Northern Territory or Western Australia due to quarantine restrictions.

I live outside of the Australia Post guaranteed next day express network, can I still order cherries?

As we cannot guarantee how long the cherries will be out of refrigeration, and therefore cannot guarantee the quality of your order once it arrives we unfortunately do not accept orders where the delivery address is outside the network.

Where does Cherryhill deliver to?

Cherryhill currently delivers to addresses within Australia ONLY

Cherryhill delivers to capital cities and major towns in Victoria, New South Wales, The Australian Capital Territory, and Queensland that are listed in the Australia Express Post network, see the table below for details. 

We do not ship to Tasmania, South Australia, Northern Territory or Western Australia due to quarantine restrictions.

For next business day delivery, Express Post items can be sent to all locations listed below.


Location Postcode ranges(s)

0200-0250; 2600-2639; 2900-2920

Sydney and suburbs

Gosford Region
Wollongong Area


1000-1404; 1411-1920 ; 2000-2249; 2555-2574; 2740-2786


Melbourne and suburbs

Geelong and suburbs
Latrobe Valley

3000-3210; 3335-3338; 3340#; 3427-3429;
3750#-3755#; 3757#; 3765-3767; 3782;
3785-3796; 3800-3810; 3810# 3910-3915;
3930-3934; 3975-3977#; 8000-8899
3350; 3353-3356
3550; 3552-3556
3825; 3840-3844
All places in Victoria‡ 3000-3999; 8000-8999
2640-2641; 2708
Gold Coast
Booval/Ipswich Areas
City of Toowoomba
Sunshine Coast Areas
Maryborough City
Hervey Bay City
Bundaberg City

2484-2490; 4210-4299; 9726; 9728; 9729
4350; 4352†
4500-4510; 4520
SA, TAS, NT & WA We do not ship to South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory or Western Australia due to quarantine restrictions


# Service guaranteed in townships only.
† Service guaranteed to Mail Centre Post Office Boxes only.
‡ Next day delivery to roadside addresses or offshore islands is not guaranteed.

Saturday Deliveries can be sent to the Postcodes below (Express Post)


Location Postcode ranges(s)
Melbourne and Suburbs

3000; 3002-3023; 3025-3062; 3064-3138; 3140-3158; 3160-3163; 3165-3175; 3177-3210; 3931; 3429; 3335; 3805; 3977

Geelong and Suburbs

3220; 3214-3216; 3219; 3228


3350; 3355-335


3550; 3555-3556

*Note: Saturday delivery will not be available for items addressed to a PO Box, GPO Box or Locked Bag

We will only deliver to business addresses, homes, Parcel Lockers and Post Office addresses (Parcel Collect). 

Pick Up

Can I check my cherries before I pay for them?

If you would like to check the cherries before you pay for them up you will need to purchase from the Pick Your Own shop instead of ordering online.

From time to time we also have pop up stalls. Check our shop tab for further information. 

Can I pick-up my cherries?

Unfortunately we do not offer a pick-up option.


I do not meet the requirements for the promotion can you give it to me anyway?

We are really sorry but if you are not eligible for the promotion we cannot manually apply it for you. 

I forgot to enter the promo code can you apply it for me and refund the difference?

For the promo code to be valid it needs to be entered at check out, before payment is made.

Will the promotion be applied automatically?

No, you need to enter the code at the checkout before you make your payment, if the discount is not applied then check you are eligible for the promotion and that you have correctly spelt the promo code.

Refund Policy

Refund Policy?

If you are not happy with your cherries or are experiencing delivery issues, please call our staff to discuss a resolution on 1300 243779 or email

Please note that not all orders will be refunded or replaced; each case will be individually assessed. In the case where we deem the customer to not be at fault we will provide a refund OR replacement, but not both.

Cherryhill will not refund or replace cherries where incorrect information has been supplied and Cherryhill is not at fault.

Any complaints regarding fruit quality must be lodged within 7 days of receiving your order.

If you are unhappy with the quality of our fruit we ask that you provide photographic evidence to Please include pictures which clearly show the quality of the fruit, and also include a photo of the white sticker on the side of the lid which indicates variety and further info for our QA team. Cherryhill will not offer a refund or replacement if a customer is not happy with the size of their cherries.

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