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Our Story

The CherryHill Orchards’ story began in 1940 when our grandfather, George Riseborough planted his first cherry trees in Victoria’s fertile Yarra Valley. 80 years later, CherryHill is still 100% Australian owned and our family proudly carries on our cherry growing tradition with diligence and passion to produce Australia’s finest cherries.

Cherry Trees For Sale Direct To The Public

Pink Cascade Weeping Blossom

Ornamental Non-Fruiting

Featuring a canopy of pink flowers that bloom in early Spring, Pink Cascade is a stunning ornamental feature for any landscape with deep green, finely textured foliage and pink floriferous flowers

CherryHill Orchards Cherry Tree


Bring your favourite CherryHill cherry-picking experience home this year with your very own fruiting cherry tree! Lapins is a low maintenance, self-pollinating cherry variety that in time will produce delicious red sweet cherries.  

CherryHill Events

Cherry Blossom Festival

Late September – Early October 2021
Experience the magic of our cherry blossoms in full bloom this Spring. 

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Cherry Picking


Cherry picking has concluded for the season and will recommence late 2021

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Katherine Sabbath

recreates her grandmothers black forest cake with a CherryHill twist

For more cherry inspo and for the full recipe check out our recipes page.

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CherryHill cherries can be found in Australia and all around the world from November through to early February every year.

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