Hi there! At CherryHill, we want to make it easy for you to get the most out of our products and services. Below are some helpful tips and responses to some of our more Frequently Asked Questions. Should you need anything more from us, feel free to contact us here. We’d love to hear from you!

About CherryHill

Do you have cherries available now?

Cherries are available at our farmgate stores from November until February and online for direct to door delivery throughout December.

What cherry varieties do you have?

We grow over 40 varieties here at CherryHill. Some of our favourites include Royal Dawn, Regina, Nordwunder, Sylvia, Bing and Sweet Georgia. Our cherries are grown across the Yarra Valley, Murray Valley, Goulburn Valley and the Victorian High Country regions, so the availability of each variety will depend on the growing location and seasonal timings. Every box of CherryHill cherries contains delicious varieties that have been picked at the perfect time to be sweet, plump, and juicy. If you would like to learn a little more about our varieties read more here

Where are you located?

Wandin East 

474-480 Queens Rd, Wandin East, VIC, 3139

Coldstream (NEW)

739 Maroondah Hwy, Coldstream, VIC, 3770

For more information on how to get to our orchards visit here.

What time of year can I visit?

We host our annual Blossom Festival in Spring, from mid-September to early October.

Cherry-picking season begins in November and ends in January and our Farmgate stores remain open until February.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide the exact dates for our seasonal events as our experiences are dependent on Mother Nature.

Follow us on Facebook  or Instagram to receive the most up to date information and to pre-register or to purchase tickets, visit our Events page.

Do you sell tickets at the gate?

No, as of 2020 all tickets must be purchased online prior to attending any of our events. This allows us to control guest numbers to ensure the safety and quality of experience for anybody attending CherryHill. To purchase tickets, visit our Events page.

How to get here?

Visit Coldstream

Coldstream Orchard

Visit Wandin East

Wandin East Orchard

Please note that the Blossom Festival is hosted at our Wandin East Orchard only.

Do you have on-site parking?

Yes we have free on-site parking and pick up / drop off areas, near the main entrance.

Do you grow or sell sour cherries?

No we don’t. CherryHill specialises in growing delicious sweet and juicy cherries.

You can find out more about the varieties of cherries we grow here.

Are dogs allowed?

With the exception of ‘Furry friends at Blossom‘, we do not permit animals into our orchard.

However, we do allow assistance animals on our site as they are highly trained and governed under the Disability Discrimination Act.

Where can I buy your cherries?

Search our stockists here.

During cherry season (Nov – Feb) we also sell boxes of cherries at our farm gate locations:

  • 474 Queens Rd, Wandin East, VIC, 3139
  • 739 Maroondah Hwy, Coldstream, VIC, 3770
Lost and found?

Valuable items including passports, mobile phones, laptops, wallets, electronic devices, handbags and medicine will be kept for one week.

After one week, all valuable items will be handed in to the local police station.

All other items (non-valuable) will be disposed of after one month if they have not been claimed.

If you have lost or found an item, please notify our team at info@cherryhill.com.au

Weekends & Public Holiday Pricing 

A surcharge is applicable to all cherry picking tickets on weekends and public holidays.

Pricing is as follows:

Infant: $0.00 (0-3 years)

Child: $14.00 (3-14 years)

Adult: $25.00 (14+ years)

Family: $65.00 (2 Adults and 2 Children)

Groups: There are no group discounts available on public holidays or weekends, please refer to the above individual ticket prices.


Do you have accessible parking?

Yes, we have accessible parking bays and pick-up / drop-off areas situated close to the customer entrances.

Can I bring a stroller or a wheelchair?

Yes, the pathways in our main customer areas are wide and suitable for wheelchairs and strollers.

Please bear in mind that our properties are working farms, so some of the terrain within the orchards can be uneven and steep.

During cherry-picking season, we use shuttle buses to safely transport guests around the orchards. The buses may not be suitable for some guests with mobility needs; we do have all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s) to facilitate transport around our orchards.

Please contact us to discuss accommodating any specific mobility needs, prior to visiting.

Do you have accessible toilet facilities?

Yes, we have all gender, ambulant toilets adjacent to the main customer areas and our toilets are also fitted with baby changing facilities.

Can you accommodate blind and low-vision guests?

Absolutely! Information about CherryHill Orchards is available via the Vacayit app, which offers both audio content and transcripts, enabling all users to access the information provided on the platform.

The Vacayit app is completely free for listeners to use and the app is free to download from the Apple Store and Google Play, enabling you to enjoy a more accessible travel experience.

Low vision or blind customers are welcome to make a booking over the phone by calling our friendly customer service team on 1300 243 779.

CherryHill warmly welcomes registered assistance animals, and our toilets are fitted with Braille signage.

We also have large, printed versions of our beverage, ice cream and merchandise product lists available. Please ask a member of our friendly customer experience team.

Can you accommodate deaf and hard of hearing guests?

Yes, we can! We use The National Relay Service (NRS) to communicate with guests who have a speech or hearing impairment.

The contact number for the NRS is 133 677.

Depending on the type of call, a Relay Officer will change voice to text or text to voice and AUSLAN to English or English to AUSLAN.

Except for calls made through Video Relay, the NRS is available 24 Hours a day, every day.

Do you have quiet or low sensory areas?

Yes, there are some quiet areas throughout the orchard that guests can access if they need to, please just ask a member of our friendly team for assistance.

We highly recommend that guests with sensory needs visit us during the week, as our orchards are less congested and much more peaceful during these times.

It is important to note that weekends and public holidays are exceptionally busy periods.

Do you accept companion cards?

Yes! We offer free entry for carers accompanying a person with a disability who is a holder of a Companion Card, Child Disability Allowance Health Care Card, or a Disability Pension Card*.

We also offer a 10% discount for the following Concessions -Australian Pensioner Concession Card, Health Care Card, Disability Concession Card, or DVA Gold Card*.

*Companion and/or Concession Cards must be presented upon entry or full price will be applicable.

Is there anyone at CherryHill that I can speak to about accessibility?

Yes, if you wish to discuss any specific accessibility requirements prior to visiting the orchard, we encourage you to contact us either by email info@cherryhill.com.au or phone 1300 243 779, so we can discuss appropriately accommodating your needs.

All members of our friendly customer experience team have completed disability awareness training and we are here and happy to help.

Our customer experience team members on site wear bright red CherryHill tee-shirts and branded lanyards so they can be identified.

We also welcome and encourage your feedback. If you have any comments or suggestions on how we could improve your experience in the future, we would love to hear from you.

Is the CherryHill website accessible?

We have implemented various accessibility features and improvements to make our website as inclusive as possible. These include alternative text for images, contrasting colours, clear and consistent navigation, and compatibility with assistive technologies such as screen readers.

Our team is dedicated to ongoing accessibility enhancements and regular audits to identify and address any accessibility barriers. We value feedback from our users, so if you encounter any difficulties accessing our website or have suggestions for improvement, please let us know.

Blossom Festival

When is the Blossom Festival?

This year, for the first time, we’re hosting the Blossom Festival at our Coldstream orchard.

The event starts on Saturday the 14th of September and is open every day, until Sunday the 6th of October 2024.

What should I bring?

Please bring your own water bottle, sunscreen, umbrella, waterproof coat, cash/credit cards, phone, tickets (unless they are on your smart phone), camera and sunglasses.

We recommend wearing closed-toe comfortable shoes as you will be walking on uneven ground amongst the cherry trees.

Can I pick the blossoms?

While we encourage endless exploration of our beautiful blossoms, it’s very important to not pick blossoms from the trees or remove any part of the tree.

The blossoms are an integral part of the cherry life cycle – attracting our busy bees to the tree to pollinate, and eventually grow our little cherries for you to enjoy in the Summer.

What is there to do at the Blossom Festival?

Relax and wander through the rows of beautiful cherry blossom, soak in the stunning Yarra Valley vistas, and take advantage of the endless photo opportunities.

Pack a picnic or purchase food from one of the vendors on site and enjoy one of our famous cherry ice creams.

You can also enjoy tastings our of locally produced artisan cherry beverage range.

There are lawn games for all to enjoy and on the weekends we host live music played by various local musicians and singer-songwriters.

We also host a variety of fun and interactive workshops, suitable for all ages. Spaces for the workshops are limited and very popular, so we highly recommend booking workshops when pre-purchasing your tickets, to avoid disappointment.

Will the whole orchard be in bloom for the duration of the Blossom Festival?

Cherry blossoms are a fleeting sight, appearing for a short period each Spring.

The blossoms vary year on year, and we cannot guarantee where the blossom will appear at all times – just as Mother Nature intended.

Our friendly customer experience team will direct guests to the parts of the orchard with the best blossoms each day.

Why are weekend ticket prices more expensive than weekdays?

While everyday at the Blossom Festival is set to be an amazing day in the orchard, weekends incur a slightly higher entry fee due to a few added experiences.

We’ll have live musicians every weekend day of the festival, kids activities, as well as a great range of market stalls and a wider range of food vendors.

If you’d like to experience our beautiful blossoms without the crowds, we’d recommend visiting during the week, when crowds are smaller.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes! We’re super excited to welcome your furry friends along to join in your Blossom adventure!

We love dogs at CherryHill, we are mindful that not all guests will be dog lovers.

To ensure our dog-friendly event a success, we kindly ask that you please:

  • Be mindful of others on the grounds enjoying the event
  • Keep your dog on-leash at all times
  • Remember that your dog is your responsibility
  • Clean up after your dog
  • Take your litter with you
  • Respect the orchard as a home for growing delicious cherries
  • Most of all, enjoy your visit with your buddy!

Please note we are unfortunately unable to allow admission of your furry family member to our cherry-picking festival over Summer.

Is there food or can I bring my own?

Mary eats Cake picnic boxes can be pre-purchased when buying your tickets via the CherryHill website and there are food vendors on site during the festival.

You are also welcome to bring your own picnic along to enjoy on our expansive lawn areas.

Don’t forget to save room for one our famous cherry ice creams!

Please note that you cannot bring any cooking equipment such as BBQs or stoves.

Do I need to print my ticket?

You do not need to print out your ticket if you have the PDF ticket attachment on your smart phone, you can simply show the QR code on your ticket and our staff will scan it for you.

Can we BYO alcohol?

Unfortunately as this is a licensed event, BYO alcohol is not permitted. However, we do offer a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic at our farmgate stores.

How long can I stay for?

You can stay until the orchard closes at 5:00pm.

Is drone photography allowed?

To ensure all our guests have an enjoyable time with us, drone photography is unfortunately not permitted during the festival.

What should I wear?

CherryHill is a working farm so the most important thing is to wear flat comfortable shoes for exploring the orchard.

We recommend wearing closed-toe comfortable shoes as you will be walking on uneven ground within the orchard.

What if it rains?

In the case of wet weather, we will still go ahead with the festival. Our staff can provide you with a waterproof poncho if you require one.

We recommend keeping an eye on the weather in the days coming up to your booking, as we are unable to reschedule your tickets within 3 days of your ticket.

Are there bees at the Blossom Festival?

It is blossom season and bees play an important role in cherry growing, so do expect there to be some buzzing around. Bees are attracted to bright colours, perfume and hairspray, please take this into consideration when you are getting ready for your day.

Cherry Picking

What is the difference between the Wandin orchard and the Coldstream orchard?

The only difference is the orchards are situated in different parts of the Yarra Valley.

Both orchards boast stunning landscapes with fantastic views and heaps of sweet juicy cherries to pick.

Premium boxed cherries, cherry beverages, cherry gifts and merchandise and of course, our famous cherry ice-creams are available at both locations.

Both orchards also have a rotating roster of food trucks and live music for guests to enjoy on weekends.

Do I have to buy a ticket for my infant?

Infants aged 0 – 3 years old require a ticket, but there is no charge.

What should I wear?

CherryHill is a working farm so the most important thing is to wear flat comfortable shoes for walking. You may be required to walk 5 – 10 minutes to find the best cherries for picking so sneakers or boots are best!

What should I bring?

Please bring your own water bottle, sunscreen, umbrella, waterproof coat, cash/credit cards, phone, tickets (unless they are on your smart phone), camera and sunglasses. We recommend wearing closed-toe comfortable shoes as you will be walking on uneven ground within the orchard.

How long does cherry-picking take?

You will be allocated a 2-hour cherry picking timeslot with half an hour additional time allowed for administration (such as check in and paying at the end). Select your desired timeslot when booking your ticket.

Are the cherries free to eat if I pay for entry?

Yes, you can eat all of the cherries that your heart (and belly) desires during your two hour cherry-picking session and any cherries that you wish to take home at the end of your picking session will be charged per kilo.

Is there food or do I need to bring my own?

Grazing platters can be pre-purchased when buying tickets to our events via the CherryHill website and there are food vendors at the orchards during weekends and public holidays.

You are also welcome to bring your own picnic along to enjoy on our expansive lawn areas.

Don’t forget to save room for one our famous cherry ice creams!

Please note that you cannot bring any cooking equipment such as BBQs or stoves.

Do I need to print my ticket?

You do not need to print out your ticket if you have the PDF ticket attachment on your smart phone, you can simply show the QR code on your ticket and our staff will scan it for you.

Can we BYO alcohol?

Unfortunately, as this is a licenced event it prohibits the public bringing their own alcohol.

Do I have to come at my allocated timeslot, and how long can I stay for?

Yes, to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time at our orchard, you must arrive at the time stated on your ticket.

Ticket times are in place to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests. You will be refused admission if you arrive outside of your allocated entry time.

Once you have entered our orchard, you are welcome to stay for the remainder of the day until we close at 5:00pm.

Are there shuttle buses on the orchard?

Yes, for the safety and convenience of our guests we run shuttle buses on the orchard if the best picking locations are more than a 5 – 10 min walk away.

Event Cancellation Policy

Can I get a refund?

If you wish to cancel more than 3 days before the date on your ticket, we will refund the full cost of the ticket. Ticket refunds can be processed through your CherryHill member login. If you require assistance please email your request to info@cherryhill.com.au

If you wish to cancel less than 3 days before the start of the event (as per the time and date reflected on your ticket), no ticket costs will be refunded. If you wish to cancel after the event has occurred (as per the time and date reflected on your ticket), no ticket costs will be refunded.

No partial refunds will be offered for any reason.

Can I change my booking?

If you wish to change your entry time or day, changes can be made as long as it is 3 days prior to the date on your ticket. Time changes are subject to availability, so it is not advised to make last minute changes.

Date and time changes can be processed via your CherryHill member login. If you require assistance, please email your request to info@cherryhill.com.au

What happens if I am late to the allocated time slot on my ticket?

If you are running late for your visit, you will still be able to enter outside of your allocated timeslot for up to 15 minutes.  Please try to be on-time as it help us manage group numbers so that everyone has plenty of space and avoids congestion.

Group Bookings

I am an Inbound Tour Operator, how do I work with CherryHill?

Approved Inbound Tour Operators (ITO’s) are eligible for commissionable rates and payment terms.

You will need to complete an account registration to attract commissionable rates and payment terms.

For further information, please email info@cherryhill.com.au

I am not a Tour Operator, can I still make a group booking?

Yes! Group bookings can be made via the CherryHill website.

Please note that commissionable rates and payment terms are only applicable to Approved Inbound Tour Operators (ITO’s).

Private Functions

I am wanting to have my wedding at CherryHill Orchard is this possible?

Yes this is possible.

Our Wandin East Orchard is a gorgeous place to get married with expansive views of the Yarra Valley.

Our Coldstream Orchard is available for private functions, Christmas parties, funerals, memorials and any other event you can imagine.

Enquire today at info@cherrryhill.com.au

Do you have a wedding brochure or more information?

You can find our wedding brochure here and our friendly wedding and events team are available to chat to Monday – Friday 9am-5pm. Email them at info@cherryhill.com.au or call 1300 CHERRY.

We also have lots of information on our website  Learn more

I am looking for a place to hold my Christmas function, can you do this?

Our Coldstream Orchard has a gorgeous barn style bar and café space that is ready for your next private event. We are able to tailor a day from beginning to end for you.

You can learn more here.

Can we hold a birthday, or other private event at CherryHill?

Our events team are happy to discuss your needs and help you come up with the perfect day.

Email us at info@cherryhill.com.au or you can learn more here.

What is included in your Venue Hire?



CherryHill Orchards will provide you with exclusive use of our unique orchard venue, providing a blank canvas for you to customise your event.

Venue Hire Standard Inclusions

  • 8-hour location hire for up to 150 guests
  • A large outdoor area with stunning hillside views of the Yarra Valley
  • An onsite event coordinator to help facilitate your day
  • A rustic barn style dwelling suitable for hosting a cocktail reception for up to 50 guests
  • An indoor service bar, including bar tenders with an outdoor seating area
  • Bridal room, ideal for pre-ceremony calm, last-minute preparations or as a breakout space
  • Marquee pad with 10-AMP & 15-AMP power sockets
  • Accessible parking and toilet facilities

Additional Inclusions

  • Wine barrels with stools
  • Picnic benches and shade
  • Vintage signing table and chairs
  • Portable speaker with microphone. Suitable for celebrant and speeches
  • Outdoor festoon and flood lighting
  • Bluetooth sound system to play ambient music
  • Jumbo lawn games


CherryHill Orchards can arrange marquees, venue styling and catering from one of our trusted suppliers at an additional cost. For more information, please ask our friendly team.

Please note that there is no commercial kitchen onsite, this will need to be considered when selecting your caterer. They will need to provide all requirements in relation to the cooking, crockery, cutlery & napkins. External caterers are also responsible for removing their rubbish after service.

What is your standard function duration?

The standard duration for exclusive hire of CherryHill Orchards is 8 hours, from 3:00pm to 11:00pm.

Extensions for your booking to start earlier can be granted by arrangement at a cost of $500.00 per hour. Please note we do not extend past 11:00pm, under any circumstances.

Please be aware that you, your guests, invitees, or any individuals attending your function must vacate the premises within 30 minutes of the scheduled event completion time. Failure to do so will result in a charge of $500 for each additional hour (or part thereof) that you, your guests, invitees, or others remain on CherryHill Orchards’ premises.


Is there parking at CherryHill?

Ample parking is available for guests on the car park grounds of CherryHill Orchards. You and your guests are to only utilise the designated parking areas, avoiding interference with marked entrances, exits, or access points.


Bare Rooted Cherry Trees

How fast will my cherry tree grow?

Growth of cherry trees is dependent on several elements including; soil conditions, seasonal conditions, soil moisture levels and the nutritional balance of the soil. 

Under best conditions, you can expect your Lapin to grow around 25cms per year, and your Pink Cascade to grow around 45cms per year.

How often should I water my cherry tree?

Be sure to water your newly planted cherry tree thoroughly. Following this, it should not require too much watering unless it is an extremely dry season. 

Cherries despise having wet feet, so ensure you have used well-draining soil built up around the base of the tree to allow water run-off. 

Your tree doesn’t require a huge amount of water and its watering requirements are wholly dependent on how dry the season is. 

Will my cherry tree grow cherries in the first year?

Your cherry tree will not grow cherries in its first year; or likely the second. 

Cherries fruit on 3-year-old wood, so will require at least 2 years of growing. You can expect a decent crop at around 4 years. 

How often should I prune my Cherry Tree?

Your tree will require pruning when it is initially planted, and then follow-up pruning in its second year. 

Please refer to the planting instructions you would have received with your purchase for more details. 

What does bare-rooted mean?

Bare-rooted is exactly what it sounds like; rather than being planted in a pot, the tree is sold without a pot or soil.

It does mean that you will need to plant your new cherry tree immediately; as even though the tree is dormant, it is still at risk of drying out.

What does self-pollinating mean?

Some cherry varieties are ‘self-sterile’ and they need a different variety to provide pollination to produce fruit.

However, some of the newer varieties are ‘self-pollinating’ and will grow fruit without the need for a second variety.

Lapins are self pollinating.

Will my cherry tree produce sweet or sour cherries?

Your new CherryHill Cherry Tree will produce delicious dark red and sweet cherries. Allow the colour of the skin and flesh to get dark red on the tree before picking.

What colour blossom will my cherry tree have?

Fruiting cherry tree’s will have white blossoms

Pink Cascade will produce pink blossoms 

What are chill hours? And what are the chill requirements for my cherry tree?

Any dormant cherry crop will need winter chilling. Winter chilling refers to a certain number of hours where the temperature drops below 7 degrees to allow the tree to enter dormancy. This is why you will more commonly see cherry trees grown in Victoria or Tasmania, as we have cool winters.

If you live in Melbourne and are wondering if your location has the right chill conditions for your tree, generally the inland suburbs will have enough chill, however bayside or coastal locations may not meet requirements and your tree may not know when to go in and out of dormancy.

Cherry trees require approx 700 – 800 chill hours every winter.

When will my cherry tree arrive and what if I am not home to receive my order?

Deliveries will be available from July onwards to metro Melbourne and Yarra Ranges postcodes. You will be notified of your delivery date 3 days prior.

If you’re not home to receive your order, our driver will endeavor to leave your tree in a safe place. If this is not possible, an additional delivery fee may apply.

Click & Collect option is also available from our Wandin orchard throughout July. Please email info@cherryhill.com.au to arrange collection once purchased.

Farm Gate Store

What is available at your farm gate store?

Fresh premium boxed cherries, cherry beverages, cherry ice-creams, honey, cherry preserves, picnic blankets, hats and caps for adults and children and lots of other cherry-related goodies!

Cherry prices vary throughout the season.

Where are your farm gate stores located?

Our farm gate stores will reopen in November 2024.

You do not need a ticket to buy boxed cherries from the store. 

Wandin East

Location: 474 Queens Rd, Wandin East, VIC, 3139


Location: 739 Maroondah Hwy, Coldstream, VIC, 3770

Do you sell cherry seconds?

We do not sell cherry seconds, all of our cherries are premium quality, freshly picked from the orchard.

What cherry varieties do you sell?

We grow over 40 varieties here at CherryHill. Our cherries are grown across the Yarra Valley, Murray Valley, Goulburn Valley, and the Victorian High Country regions, so the availability of each variety will depend on the growing location and seasonal timings. We cannot confirm varieties ahead of time because the varieties of our fresh cherries change constantly. Every box of CherryHill cherries contains delicious varieties that have been picked at the perfect time to be sweet, plump, and juicy.

CherryHill Direct Store

What areas do you deliver to?

For direct to door deliveries we deliver to selected Melbourne post codes. This is to ensure that your cherries arrive quickly and fresh! Click here to visit our CherryHill Direct page for more information.

If you are placing a large corporate order (over 20 x 2kg boxes) we offer delivery throughout Victoria. Click here to visit our corporate orders page for more information.

Can I pre-order for Christmas / Lunar New Year?

Yes! Pre-Orders are available. Order your box of cherries here.

How many days will it take for my cherries to arrive?

Deliveries for the 2024 season will be available from December onwards, with pre-orders commencing in October.

Our fresh cherries are delivered on Mondays to Thursdays and corporate orders are delivered on Fridays. You will need to place your order 5 days prior to the scheduled delivery days. As cherries are fresh fruit, all orders are subject to availability and delivery windows may vary. Place your order here.

Can I get a refund for my cherries?

If you wish to cancel your order, you will need to do so 5 days prior to your scheduled delivery. To manage changes you will need to login to your member login, if you don’t have a login please email info@cherryhill.com.au. No changes can be accommodated within 5 days of delivery. To read full T&C’s click here.

What if there is a problem with my cherries?

If you are dissatisfied with the quality of your product, please email an image to info@cherryhill.com.au within 12 hours of receiving your cherries. We will review your claim and if product quality is found unsatisfactory, we will issue a replacement or refund. To read full T&C’s click here.

Jobs @ CherryHill

Are there any jobs available at CherryHill?

All available jobs will be listed on our Jobs Board. Browse jobs here.

Does working at CherryHill count as specified work for the Working Holiday Maker (WHM) program?

Some of our seasonal positions do qualify as specified work, depending on the primary location of work and job role. Please enquire through our Jobs Board for further information.

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