Our Orchards

CherryHill has been growing for 80 years

From humble beginnings in the pristine Yarra Valley, our orchards can now be found across Australia’s southern regions. These carefully considered locations allow us to have the longest cherry growing season within Australia, so that you can enjoy great tasting CherryHill cherries from early November right through to February.

Selected for their rich fertile soil, clean air and abundant water supply, we ensure our orchards meet the ideal conditions necessary to cultivate the deliciously plump, juicy and sweet cherries, CherryHill is famous for.

Yarra Valley, Victoria

The historical home of Victorian cherries, the iconic Yarra Valley is where it all began for CherryHill. Rich, fertile soils, long sunshine hours and an ample supply of fresh water from the Yarra River ensure the Yarra Valley is synonymous with all things agriculture.

This cool climate region is made up of rolling hills and temperate forest valleys, with the Dandenong Ranges to the South and the Plenty Ranges to the West. The mild temperatures and dry summers, plus the fertile, red volcanic soils of our Wandin orchard, provide the perfect conditions for our mid late season cherries, producing large, juicy, deep red fruit with a superior sweetness.

The home of CherryHill’s ‘Pick Your Own Cherries’, every summer thousands of cherry lovers flock here to pick their own cherries straight from the tree, enjoying the spectacular views and quality time spent with friends and family at this fantastic location.

Only 30 minutes from Melbourne’s leafy outer suburbs the Yarra Valley’s reputation as a premier food and wine destination is owing to its enduring natural beauty and prosperity.

Goulburn Valley, Victoria

North of the Great Dividing Range, separated by the Goulburn and Broken River Valleys, this locality is home to the Strathbogie Ranges which are the remains of uplifted granite, rising from a wide, volcanic plateau.

The rich soils and sun-kissed slopes of this classic Victorian countryside are ideal fruit growing conditions and it’s locally known that everything tastes better from here. The Goulburn River and its many tributaries provide ample irrigation to an abundance of orchards that flourish in the sheltered river plain.

The cool evenings counter the warm days of summer here to produce CherryHill’s mid-season crop of Kordia and Regina cherries, characterised by their firm, crunchy flesh, deep mahogany colour, and extensive depth of flavour these large cherries prove ever popular for cherry lovers, season after season.

Victorian High Country

Nestled against a backdrop of the snow-capped Victorian Alps lie the fertile, volcanic soils of the Victorian High Country. A picture postcard place where alpine resorts are littered amongst the snow gum forests, this is also Ned Kelly country; in fact, CherryHill’s Tolmie orchard sits only a few kilometres away from the scene of this infamous Australian outlaw’s standoff with police, in the 1870’s.

The crisp cool air here is the perfect location for our late season cherries, whose trees produce fewer fruit, which are generally larger in size with a sweet, low-acid flavour. The trees here are fed by spring water from the nearby snow melt and take advantage of habitual winter temperatures that stimulate an even blossom to produce the best possible crop, when the warm temperatures of summer return.

Murray Valley, Victoria

Broadly known as the food-bowl of Australia, here the Murray River flows through a giant basin bordered by the Great Dividing Range.

Home to Cobram, CherryHill’s largest orchard, the Murray Valley is the perfect location for our cherries to thrive in the well-drained soil and open, sunny plains of this ancient river catchment. This orchard is where we grow our early season cherries, due to the warmer temperatures and longer sunshine hours. Affectionately known as the ‘Peaches and Cream’ area on the southern banks of the Murray River, Cobram is famous for its stone fruit production.

Direct access to fresh, clean water from the Murray River ensures our cherry trees consistently produce a high quality, full crop and make it to your table as soon as possible.