Our Cherry Varieties

Our orchards are home to more than 30 varieties, allowing our season to extend from November all the way until February each year. Here are some of our favourite varieties!


The CherryHill Regina is a deep and rich fruit, well-loved for its beautiful mahogany red skin and lusciously-long green stems. Well suited to growing in our cool climate, it is plump and pretty with excellent firmness that produces the ultimate cherry zest – a good crunch and sweet flavour.


With a gentle and subtle texture, The CherryHill Sylvia is our mid-season large and sweet tasting fruit, grown and picked in the beautiful Goulburn valley. Typically well protected by tree foliage and less prone to splitting, Sylvia emerges as a lovely heart-shaped fruit with a shorter stem.

Royal Dawn

Grown and picked in the majestic Murray Valley region, the CherryHill Royal Dawn is hailed as a crowd-favourite during the early to mid season. Its regal appearance is a deep and divine plump fruit with strong solid stems. Beneath its gentle, subtle texture is a sweet crunch of full-bodied flavour.

Sweet Georgia

A slow to mature cherry, hand-picked during late season harvest from our beautiful Yarra Valley and Victorian High Country orchards. These delicious CherryHill Sweet Georgia ‘late bloomers’ are worth the wait, with their dark red skin and sweet golden-red flesh.


Bing is the iconic cherry that’s talked about around the world – a big and heart-shaped fruit grown in our very own Murray Valley region. Our CherryHill Bing is a firm, fine quality fruit with a deliciously sweet, vibrant flavour.


Our CherryHill Nordwunder whisks you away to where it hails from – the elevations of our Victorian High Country and Goulburn Valley regions. With its deep ruby red complexion, outstanding firmness and tantalising sweetness, one bite will revel a burst of flavour, that will leave you wanting more.