Our Cherries

Fresh Australian Cherries

CherryHill Orchards is 100% Australian owned and grown. We have been producing fresh Aussie cherries every summer for 80 years.

All of our cherries are grown in our Victorian orchards, hand picked, hydro-cooled and transported in refrigerated trucks to maintain ultimate freshness. Our cherries are then placed in a cool room at 1 degree Celsius before being packed and dispatched within 24 hours of harvest. You will taste the difference when you bite into a fresh CherryHill cherry!

Our Story

CherryHill is a 100% Australian owned family business

Cherry Varieties

We have over 30 varieties of cherries, here are some of our favourites!

Our Orchards

Our orchards span across 4 regions within Victoria.

Health Benefits

Did you know that cherries are not only delicious but are also packed with super nutrients!

Where to buy CherryHill cherries?

Our fresh cherries are now out of season. We will have delicious cherries again from November 2024.

Tips on how to spot the perfect cherry!


The perfect cherry is a deep mahogany colour. The deeper the red, the longer the cherry has had to mature before harvest. This means your cherry will also have darker and juicier flesh as it has had more time to mature and develop more complex flavour characteristics.


Look for a bright, fresh and healthy green stem. If stems are dry or withered, they’re probably going to taste good, but they won’t be as fresh.


When your cherries are nice and firm to eat, that is a good indicator of quality and freshness. Keep and eye out for cherries with a nice glossy finish.


The key to sealing in freshness is to keep them cold, this means a dash straight from the shops to the refrigerator – providing you can keep your hands off them!

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