Cherries are healthy for you

Health Benefits

Cherry lovers can indulge to their heart’s content because cherries are not only sweet and delicious but they are also great for your health.

Sweet cherries contain 16 antioxidants, plus vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatory compounds which are all beneficial to your health. Cherries may benefit people suffering from chronic inflammatory conditions such as gout, pancreatitis, or prostitis, as well as allergic conditions including asthma, hay fever, eczema and hives because they contain the compounds cyanidin and quercetin.

Recent studies* have also found that cherries have significant health benefits in slowing or inhibiting the progression of cancer, ageing, neurological diseases, cardiovascular disease and inflammatory conditions. They may also aid in detoxification of foreign substances.

*The Health benefits of Cherries, Charlotte Brunt BSc (Hons) Swinburne University 2004.

Did you know ?

The cherry season only lasts 100 days!

Cherries grow on trees not on bushes.

CherryHill Orchards grow over 30 different varieties of cherries at a number of locations around Victoria and New South Wales allowing us to supply for the entire cherry season (November - February).

The cherry belongs to the family Rosaceae (Roses).

A cherry is not a berry they are a drupe (Flesh or skin surrounding a single stoney seed), they come from the same family as of peaches and plums.

Cherries do not ripen after they’ve been picked.

There are thousands of different varieties of cherries, but only about 10% of varieties are produced commercially.

Different varieties ripen at different times; locations and climate are crucial to having the desired timing of the fruit.

When you purchase cherries there is a strong chance it’s a different variety each time.

Each variety of cherry tastes different!

Some sweet cherry varieties need pollen from another cherry variety to grow fruit but other varieties such as Stella and Lapin are self-fertile.

Bees in springtime are crucial to the cherry production. In spring we have hives placed in the orchard for pollination, they are later removed when the blossom has gone and the bees have finished their job.


Although fresh, sweet cherries are typically eaten raw; cooking softens them and mellows their flavour.  

Cherries are best paired with herbs like sage, chives, and verbena; dairy products like sweet cream and ricotta cheese; and with meats like pork and beef especially when black pepper is added.

Cherry Growers Australia have come up with a great selection of sweet and savoury cherry recipes take a look at them here.

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