CherryHill Corporate Boxes


Pre-Order for December Delivery


To qualify for a corporate order you must:
  • Be located within a delivery zone that we ship to, learn more.
  • Order a minimum of 20 x 2kg boxes of cherries (single delivery address)
What you will receive:
  • Each 2kg box will contain 28mm+ sweet cherries
  • Fresh cherries dispatched to you within 48 hours of harvest
  • 100% Australian owned and grown cherries
  • Handpicked from our Victorian orchards
  • Quality guarantee
  • Free Shipping

There is a 20 x 2kg box minimum for your chosen delivery point. For multiple delivery points, please place a separate order for each different delivery address whilst maintaining the 20 box minimum per order/delivery point. Corporate orders are delivered on selected Fridays only.